Employment Contracts

Most often businesses consider negotiating a written contract when they're hiring top management, sales executives who work on a commission basis, independent contractors, or individuals for new positions not addressed in the employee handbook. Talk to an attorney at Kaplan about reviewing your contract before you sign away rights and opportunities you may later need.


When businesses downsize, sell or merge with other business, a reduction in force (RIF) is inevitable. As an impacted employee, you are not required to sign the separation agreements or accept the severance package first presented to you. Having an experienced attorney review and perhaps renegotiate these documents may help you gain an enhanced severance package. In the long-run, we may help protect your ability to earn a viable living after you separate, especially if you go to work for a competitor or decide to start your own business. We provide quick turnaround, yet a thorough review, so you can start receiving your benefits right away, without giving up rights you may later regret.

Sweeping changes in labor and employment laws are on the horizon for America's workforce. Current economic conditions are swaying many companies to find ways to reduce their workforce and minimize the cost associated with these terminations. While most states, including Texas, are "at will" employment states, discriminatory and unlawful reasons may be a factor in determining to discharge you. Or perhaps you have complained of unlawful practices by your employer and now find yourself the victim of retaliation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

How Kaplan Can Help You

Employee contracts, severance packages and separation agreements vary depending on the employee and the industry. Kaplan can litigate employee contract suits, but the firm's goal is to prevent litigation by addressing potential issues before you sign the agreement.

  • Negotiate an enhanced severance package based on your contribution to the company.
  • Analyze and review a non-disclosure and non-compete clause or contract.
  • Represent the employee at arbitration, mediation or in a court of law.
  • Review and investigate downsizing or reduction in workforce (RIF) demographics to determine if employee was impacted based on discriminatory factors (age, race, gender or disability)