Estate Planning & Probate

Dallas-Fort Worth Estate Planning, Probate, Estate Planning Litigation

Business owners and other high-asset individuals look to the attorneys of Kaplan & Associates, LLP ., for knowledgeable and attentive counsel and representation in estate planning, probate and estate litigation matters.

Contact a lawyer of Kaplan regarding estate plans, wills, trusts, asset distribution and other related documents; estate and trust administration; or estate litigation including will contests.

Estate Planning Lawyers with Business and Tax Law Experience

Business owners in particular look to Kaplan & Associates, LLP ., for estate planning advice that takes into their business succession plans as well as family aspects. Attorney Kaplan has owned and operated manufacturing enterprises. Attorney Herskovitz has been an associate dean and associate professor at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center.

Estate planning is an essential aspect of any individual, couple or family, whether they are business owners, employees or managers of investments. Estate planning is not only for people with high assets or complex financial portfolios. It is important for anyone with assets, family members, businesses or favorite charitable causes to protect and provide for those interests.

Kaplan lawyers also take estates through probate and handle estate litigation including multi-state disputes involving trusts and wills. Trustees and beneficiaries alike are invited to contact Kaplan for advice and assistance regarding any estate planning, probate or estate litigation matter in Texas or elsewhere.