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September 2018 Archives

Taco restaurants in business litigation over use of trade secrets

Business owners and operators often have to work hard to set themselves apart from other companies. They may develop certain looks, gimmicks, themes, logos and other strategies to intrigue potential customers and to keep regular customers coming back. When another company attempts to use trade secrets in order to create a similar establishment, business litigation may take place.

Lawsuit results from intellectual property infringement

There are many facets to starting and running a business in Texas and elsewhere that can help it thrive. Intellectual property, like trademarks, can play a major role in how a company operates and how customers recognize a brand. Issues can result when another business steals or otherwise uses that property for its own gain.

Debt collection is not fun but sometimes necessary

Business owners and operators have undoubtedly heard the saying that the customer is always right. However, when a customer or client is not paying an outstanding bill, that person is in the wrong. Texas business owners certainly want to avoid this type of predicament, but unfortunately, that is not always possible. As a result, debt collection may be necessary.

Options for resolving real estate easement disputes

A real estate easement gives another party the right to use parts of your land for different purposes. You will usually find an easement detailed in the property deed, but it’s also sometimes stated in a separate document. There are other ways a company or individual might gain the right to an easement, such as referencing the law or using land over a long period of time. For property owners, this issue can be a nightmare.

Comic-Con wins suit over intellectual property violation

Many companies, events and shows are often known by words or phrases that are easily recognizable to consumers and patrons. As a result, many businesses look to copyright and trademark their names, slogans and logos to reduce the potential for confusion or infringement from other companies that might want to piggyback off another company's successes. Because this intellectual property is immensely important, businesses may end up filing lawsuits if infringement does occur.



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