Taco restaurants in business litigation over use of trade secrets

Business owners and operators often have to work hard to set themselves apart from other companies. They may develop certain looks, gimmicks, themes, logos and other strategies to intrigue potential customers and to keep regular customers coming back. When another company attempts to use trade secrets in order to create a similar establishment, business litigation may take place.

Texas residents may be interested in this type of scenario currently underway in another state. Apparently, the owners of a taco restaurant have filed suit against a former business partner after that individual chose to open his own restaurant, which has striking similarities to the first establishment. The owners of the first restaurant claim that the man used trade secrets in creating his business and that he also violated a written agreement executed upon his separation from the company.

In one part of the lawsuit, the first company claims that the second has even copied the look of its restaurant by having a Day of the Dead theme. Pictures were included that showed the similar looks of both establishments. The owners also stated that the former partner has used a similar service tactic where customers fill out a checklist of their desired taco toppings to give to their servers for custom tacos. The business owners hope that the lawsuit will prohibit the former partner from using trade secrets to open more restaurants and from using similar themes and service tactics.

When businesses are similar in nature, it can cause confusion for patrons and potentially damage businesses. This is particularly true if, as with this case, a business uses another company’s trade secrets. If Texas residents are having similar issues with intellectual property infringement or other violations, they may want to find out more information on their options for business litigation.