Levi’s files intellectual property suit over fabric tabs

Having recognizable features on their product is a way that many companies make their brands known. These features can range from large designs to small details. Often, companies will trademark these features in order to prevent other businesses from causing confusion among consumers, but these efforts do not always prevent intellectual property infringement.

Texas readers may want to know more about a lawsuit that was recently filed by Levi Strauss and Co. involving such infringement. Reports stated that the company claims that Yves Saint Laurent America has infringed upon Levi’s trademark by putting small fabric tabs on the back pockets of their jeans. These tabs are trademarked by the apparel company as they put red, blue or white tabs with the word Levi’s on the pockets of their jeans, which is commonly recognized by consumers.

Levi’s believes that YSL has also created unfair competition and dilution by confusing consumers and causing an assumption that a business relationship exists between the two companies. They also have concern that if the court allows YSL to continue with the infringement that other apparel companies may also attempt to use the trademarked detail. Levi Strauss and Co. hopes that the court will stop YSL’s use of the tab, and they are also pursuing compensation for damages.

Trademarks and other intellectual property are important to businesses. If companies find other businesses infringing on their property, they may need to take legal action, as this case shows. Texas business owners who are facing such issues may find it useful to consult with their legal counsel regarding their most feasible options.