Employment contract disputes may result from breach claims

Any type of business relationship often benefits from having an agreement or contract in place. Even when a company is hiring workers, this type of document can help everyone understand the details involved with the job along with certain expectations. However, some individuals could find issues with the terms or claim that one party did not adhere to those terms, and as a result, employment contract disputes could come about.

Texas readers may be interested in such a dispute currently underway in another state. A former chief financial officer is claiming that the company for which she worked and its owner did not adhere to the terms of her employment contract. Apparently, the contract stated that she would receive a $200,000 annual salary, salary increases and bonuses. However, the woman claims she was not given her yearly bonuses, which reportedly resulted in her losing $671,710. She also claims she missed out on additional bonus income and compensation for unused vacation time.

The woman stated that she brought up the compensation issues to her employer and also claims that she was then fired from her job as an act of retaliation. She hopes that the lawsuit will allow her to obtain unpaid compensation, penalties and interest. Legal representation for the company and its owner declined to provide a comment on the pending litigation.

Employment contract disputes can be tricky to resolve. Though lawsuits may result from these conflicts, this process can help business owners present their defense to any claims made against them. Texas business owners may wish to ensure that they understand their legal options if facing this type of predicament.