Rihanna sues her dad for intellectual property infringement

Owning a business often means coming up with ways to make the company and its products recognizable. In many instances, that means coming up with a name and trademarking that name so that others cannot use it and cause confusion among consumers. However, a trademark may not prevent intellectual property infringement.

Texas readers may be interested in a current lawsuit involving singer and business owner Rihanna and her father. According to reports, the singer has accused her father of infringing on her trademark by using the name “Fenty” for his entertainment business. Fenty is the last name of both Rihanna and her father, but Rihanna apparently trademarked the name after she began using it for her cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, and other business ventures in 2012.

Ronald Fenty started Fenty Entertainment in 2017, and claims against him suggest that he has used the name to create a false affiliation with Rihanna and her businesses. The lawsuit wants the court to order Ronald Fenty to stop using the name. It also hopes to obtain damages, but details regarding that portion of the lawsuit had not yet been determined.

Intellectual property infringement can be immensely damaging, and even though it may be difficult, taking legal action is sometimes the best course of action. If Texas business owners believe that their trademarks have been violated, they may want to gain information on their options. The best routes may differ from case to case, and gaining specific evaluations may be wise for business owners in this type of predicament.