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March 2019 Archives

Business litigation filed regarding trademark

Intellectual property can come in many forms. Typically, it is something intangible, like a phrase or an idea. Still, this type of property can be protected through copyright, patent or trademark ownership, and if someone infringes on that ownership and the rights provided by it, a serious legal issue could result. In fact, violations of trademarks often hold point in business litigation.

Uber reaches settlement in contract dispute with drivers

When someone works for another individual or company, the individual may not necessarily be considered an employee. In some cases, workers may be classified as independent contractors, and they do not obtain many of the same benefits as employees. Still, these workers often operate under contracts, and in some cases, contract disputes could arise if workers believe they have been misclassified.

Having a plan can help with business collection

Texas business owners have a lot on their plates. When just starting out, it can seem like staying in the black financially is the most important goal in order to keep the company afloat. As a result, when clients or customers do not pay outstanding balances, company owners may feel panicked about what to do. After all, they need the revenue. Fortunately, there are various ways to handle business collection.

Shareholder disputes can turn ugly, cause damage to companies

When internal issues arise in a company, it is not unusual for predicaments to become difficult to handle. In some cases, shareholder disputes may lead to a need for serious repercussions, including letting high-ranking employees go. Of course, the ordeal may not end at the termination of an employee, and litigation could take place.



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