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employment contract disputes Archives

Uber reaches settlement in contract dispute with drivers

When someone works for another individual or company, the individual may not necessarily be considered an employee. In some cases, workers may be classified as independent contractors, and they do not obtain many of the same benefits as employees. Still, these workers often operate under contracts, and in some cases, contract disputes could arise if workers believe they have been misclassified.

Employment contract disputes may result from breach claims

Any type of business relationship often benefits from having an agreement or contract in place. Even when a company is hiring workers, this type of document can help everyone understand the details involved with the job along with certain expectations. However, some individuals could find issues with the terms or claim that one party did not adhere to those terms, and as a result, employment contract disputes could come about.

Levi's files intellectual property suit over fabric tabs

Having recognizable features on their product is a way that many companies make their brands known. These features can range from large designs to small details. Often, companies will trademark these features in order to prevent other businesses from causing confusion among consumers, but these efforts do not always prevent intellectual property infringement.

Employment contract disputes lead hotel workers to strike

Contracts are useful documents in the business world. Business owners can create agreements between vendors, shareholders, partners, employees, and many other individuals or entities. While these documents can provide a layer of protection, it is not unusual for employment contract disputes to come about.

Contract disputes over noncompete agreements not unusual

It is common for employers to want to protect their businesses in various ways. For some, utilizing noncompete agreements is one way to work toward that protection. However, these agreements are not foolproof, and contract disputes could arise if an employee does not feel that the the terms are enforceable or if an employer feels that the terms have been broken.

Employment contract disputes can delay new terms

Contracts are often useful employment documents that can be beneficial to both employers and employees. However, contract terms often have expiration dates, and when they expire, new terms are often needed. In some cases, those terms may be reached easily, but in others, employment contract disputes could cause a final decision to be delayed.

Employment contract disputes arise when terms are violated

Many companies do not want to lose clients and revenue when an employee leaves the company. As a result, many employers utilize noncompete agreements to prevent former workers from working as a competitor to the business for a certain amount of time. Of course, failing to adhere to these terms could lead to employment contract disputes.

Employment contract disputes can carry on for years

Most Texas workers understand that agreements and contracts can often help many types of employer-employee relationships running smoothly. When everyone is on the same page as far as responsibilities, compensation, benefits and other aspects of the job, it can help maintain a sense of professionalism and understanding. Of course, agreements often have expiration dates, and if new terms are not easily agreed upon, employment contract disputes can cause issues.

AT&T workers in middle of employment contract disputes

Many workers feel comfortable working under contract. These agreements can often help everyone involved understand their roles, benefits, disciplinary actions and other important information. However, these agreements may expire or parties may attempt to change the terms, and in some cases, employment contract disputes may come about.

Failure to comply could lead to contract disputes

When individuals have business interests they want to protect, they may want to prevent their employees or former employees from potentially putting the company at risk. In some cases, Texas business owners choose to utilize noncompete agreements and other employment contracts in hopes of reducing that risk. Of course, some issues could still arise that lead to contract disputes.



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