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intellectual property disputes Archives

Cultural intellectual property dispute leads to new resolution

A food chain that trademarked its name set off a series of discussions about intellectual and cultural property that prompted another state to take action. While intellectual property might seem clear-cut in Texas, there can be complicating factors. For example, trademarking something of cultural significance might not be as effective as some people hope.

Patagonia files suit due to intellectual property infringement

Businesses work hard to make their products and brands recognizable to consumers. They may trademark names, slogans and images to ensure that those details are used only by their companies. As a result, confusion and damage to business could occur if another company infringes on that intellectual property, and businesses may need to take legal action to protect their brands.

Tesla involved in business litigation with former employees

Successful Texas businesses often employ numerous individuals in order to keep operations up and running. While having this help can be beneficial, it also means that a company is more at risk of having trade secrets leaked or other intellectual property stolen. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is not unusual, and company owners often have to utilize business litigation in order to seek recompense.

Business litigation filed regarding trademark

Intellectual property can come in many forms. Typically, it is something intangible, like a phrase or an idea. Still, this type of property can be protected through copyright, patent or trademark ownership, and if someone infringes on that ownership and the rights provided by it, a serious legal issue could result. In fact, violations of trademarks often hold point in business litigation.

"Fearless Girl" statue at center of intellectual property dispute

When a piece of artwork is created for a specific purpose, some issues of ownership could potentially result. Does the image beyond the specific piece belong to those who commissioned the work? Does it belong to the artist who created it? In some cases, the lines may blur, and intellectual property disputes could arise.

Intellectual property dispute involves Kanye West

People do not have to be famous in order to pursue copyrights or other protections. In fact, it is often wise for anyone who creates an original work to obtain those rights in order to work toward preventing others from using it without authorization. Of course, intellectual property violations do occur, and many people have to take legal steps to seek restitution.

Rihanna sues her dad for intellectual property infringement

Owning a business often means coming up with ways to make the company and its products recognizable. In many instances, that means coming up with a name and trademarking that name so that others cannot use it and cause confusion among consumers. However, a trademark may not prevent intellectual property infringement.

Judge upholds ruling in Bob Marley intellectual property case

Business owners and operators often enter into various agreements for rights to use certain trademarks or copyrighted materials. Because intellectual property can be immensely important to companies, ensuring that the use of the materials is not abused is vital. In some cases, a company could violate a usage agreement, and business litigation could result.

Business litigation results from cookie competitor claims

When a business feels threatened by another company, owners and operators may feel that the other company is participating in unfair practices. In some cases, a business may believe that the other company has infringed on intellectual property or committed other violations. These beliefs can often lead to business litigation.

Intellectual property dispute: Designer files suit against Etsy

Coming up with an original idea takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Artists, writers, designers and other creative types often put their blood, sweat and tears into their creations. Because these individuals want to protect their work, they often put copyrights and trademarks into effect. However, some individuals may still infringe on their intellectual property.



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